Sunday, March 28, 2010

24 !

It was something happen on few days ago..

is was started with yi wei's msg.
He said : lfoong guess i same course with who?
me : duno
yw : the so lou eugene poh.. wtf
den talk alot about the details of the course.
in the end..
24 hours later .

i decided to join his course.haha
formally known as CFAB .
Its a quite new course
somore they say it much more tougher,
well its okay.need to study hard edi ..
we are the 3rd batch of it.
our class only 40 ppl T.T
but compare to previous class
we have the most

Registeration 15 minute
den i'm in the class d.
Now studying at sunway le.

Sorry to yinsan and wx cannot same college with u all d..
Please blame yiwei if u want to..haha (jking jking)

my acc text book (very thick) =.=

Question is like 32+47+36+12 = __ ?

my BM 1st chapter question.. so hard

oh when all ppl 1st heard BM
sure tot BM=Bahasa Melayu right?
i was stun at 1st oso while i look at the time table
wroting there BM and ENG
it make me tot of.. i need to study acc in dwi language,like wtf?
but eventually BM= Business Maths .. =.=
za dou anot.

its a new enviroment.
alot cha pa lang de stuff
but still my old frens will still stay in my mind.=P

To Xingkun: U very tough de,Jia you la..
No one forget abt u okay.
work harder to impress others
i noe u definitely can =) ..

dun wan blog much edi.dinner time!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

it could be a great day today if accident never happen..

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Random ..

Finally.. got the mood to blog
Taking SPM results seems to be an end
but it is just another beginning for us.
Actually there is no such word as 'EnD'
coz 'StarT' = 'EnD' , 'End = 'STart'
it dun seems like there is an end in life..

idk wad am talking
seems like i've lost?
bla ignore it

Hmm about lately i've resigned and stop working
was searching for a more flexible working time
college will only be started in end of May..
so if anyone got job kindly tell me.Thx

duno wad write le.. ciao.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Tomorrow is our day.
As the graph above..
HAPPY or SAD tmr??
tmr we'll know.
hate to be alone

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


What so busy ?

Working day and night makes me busy..
Even got time also lazy to blog d .
cause its tiring @@
but luckily there is smth to cheer me =)
will forget how tired after finish work.

saw someone blog said SPM result is coming out soon
seems like the feeling of fear comes back again
all will worry how many A they get huh?
those ppl like xk surely scared ...
scared getting too much A's
but i doubt day before getting result
most of us will eye blink blink till the nex morning.haha

my mum keep say:
now still worry what la,what done its done.
just stay calm and see what i get.
Tho she never gave pressure
but inside heart i giving myself pressure and wondering.
Hmm ... ??

Table was full of dust
i think since the last day of exam
i had nvr touch the table
thick dust there need to clear off ..
college life is coming soon.

duno wad to write d..
hope my bro Kk find her la.
since he so like HER from beginning.
Gambateh !
no one knows miracle or maybe your LOA happens =P

be earlied and wish all my friends score well in exam !
you all should know why i need be earlied it
cause God very busy one okay.
days before result come out sure alot ppl pray like me
but that time will be traffic jam sending msg to God
see how smart am i =)
p.s dun laugh la, i'm

A+ for everyone !

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


EMPLOYED by this company =)
Feel free then come visit me at Curve !!
Its easy to find.
They pay quite good salary ,
but not gonna tell how much..haha
Will start work at 01 /02 /2010
working 8 hours per day at there
not bad la.
Chinese New Year any planning?
need plan to go where =P ..
visit who those .
dun forget to inform me .
yee jeat just done her surgery
she says hand bengkak very painful
Hope she can recover real fast
and wont feel pain anymore =( .
Sorry for her .
Cheer up!! all your friends wishes for you.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Actually we really need to "thank" him
if he doesnt do stupid things
thath not
Somehow if he dun do stupid things,
we wont have so much

Go his house area play bball,
and he say not his fault =.=

Play dota let ppl scold
even opponent says so..
pls wonder wad he do.
"geng" till oppo oso wan to scold him.
clap hand wei..

He is just too great = )

Well after dat we went to KX house !!
BBQ , overnight and play snaps
having some good time
even Xk and yeemin oso got go. WOW

and.. an accident happen >.<
while we singing bdae song for yingbin
crystal learn sky walk like michael jordan
BUT she fails..
so end up she hurt her arms and blue black on legs.. sorry for that.

For some of ppl who go for JAN intake
GOOD LUCK !!!!!!
hope to meet you all at chinese new year =D

Friday, January 8, 2010


Everyday need to wake up at 7..
FOR ??

*someone syas that i'm a fatty..
i wonder.
Still keep say i fatty somore,
you better watchout

Well 1st day was not use to it
but i think i use to it after some time
jog jog jog..
waking up at morning was tiring T.T
so i have to sleep earlier everyday.
its okay. =)

tired d lo,and nth to blog
see ya !

imy hugs